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If you would like to get a link to your website from Casino.Gratis you can either contribute to our website by for example writing a review about a slot or pay a small fee to advertise.


Contribute to Casino.Gratis

This Website is dedicated to everyone who loves games in general and casino games in particular. To make the most of Casino.Gratis, we do need your help to build it. To be able to get this help, we would like to give you something back for your contribution. For every article/review you write, we will give you a textlink to your website (as long as it’s games or casino related). As of now everyone that contribute will get to keep the link on our website for ever.

This is how it works

  1. Choose one or multiple slots from Casino.Gratis/slots that you want to write an article/review about.
  2. As soon as your have chosen a slot, contact us at or by using our contact form. You need to do this to make sure that two parties are not writing about the same slot at the same time. The first to contact us will be the one that we publish.
  3. Do you miss any specific slot? Contact us and we will make a decision if we will add it to Casino.Gratis.
  4. Send your article/review together with your textlink. Learn more how the textlink are allowed to look like here.
  5. We normally publish your text within 48h.

Guide for Slot Games review

Your review should be at least 400 words and max 2000 words. How you want to arrange the text is up to you. We appreciate different headings to simplify the reading. Remember, the more viewers your review gets, the stronger your textlink on the page will get. Suggestions for headings are Introduction, Game experience, Symbols, Rules, Bonus games, Summary.

At the top of every article/review, write down the name of the specific slot and the game developer. See Starburst example below. You can send your article/review direct in an email to us.

We will read the reviews and check them through a plagiarism checker for copied content, so please send us a good text with unique content.


Any other questions or do you want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Are you interested in buying a link to your website?

Prices per 2016-03-11

Homepage = Top Textlinks = €60/month. Bottom Textlinks €30/month.
Landing pages for Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Game Developers = Top Textlinks €40/month. Bottom Textlinks €20/month.
Slots = Top Textlinks €20/month. Bottom Textlinks €10/month.

We apply a volume discount of about 10%.

Contact us on for more information.

Rules for advertising

Textlinks – Every page has two textlinks on the top and five textlinks on the bottom. Every textlink consist of an anchor text (the link) of max 4 words within a descriptive text of max 15 words. The text should describe what the link represents. The link should point to a website, in other words links to download are not allowed. Casino.Gratis reserve the right to shorten the text if necessary and correct spelling or grammar mistakes. The text can be in any language as long as a translation is provided for our reference.

Price – We reserve the right to change the price of any link. The links that are already payed for will not be affected until possible renewal of the links.

Minimum order – The shortest time for advertising is three months as long as the order doesn’t exceed €200. The longest time for advertisement is one year.

Payment – After you have placed an order and we have approved your ad, we will issue an invoice. When we have received the payment, your ad will be placed on the website. We will reserve the space for your ad for 14 days, awaiting your payment. We prefer Skrill (Moneybookers) as a payment method but are able to use other payment methods as well. Contact us for more information regarding payments.

Renewal – One month prior to the ad ends you will get an email from us with the current price. You will then have 14 days to decide if you wish to continue to advertise with the latest price. If we don’t get a response from you, the ad will be removed once your ad expired.

You are welcome to refer text to our website as long as you link back to our website.